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Popular routes of individual tours around Crimea in our or your car or off-road vehicle and original walking tours created by our guides and experts. We will pick you up from any place in Crimea, entertain for the whole day and comfortably return you anywhere you want. If necessary, we will offer accommodation in Crimea. We can also join you to one of the prefab multi-day tours around Crimea (see Calendar of Prefab Tours) or develop any custom tour program for one or several days specially for you.

Off-Road Tours

Off-road tours are held by active tourism guides with huge experience in mountain and off-road trips, expeditions, extreme kinds of tourism, hiking and even rescue work. They perfectly know all routes of excursions, including those in mountain and forest areas of Crimea. SUVs used for such rides are comfortable off-road vehicles prepared for rough terrain, mainly Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Pajero and Mitsubishi L200.

Walking Tours

Custom Tour on Any Route

Tour of Your Choice

Do you want to get to a certain place, take part in a thematic excursion, a comfortable hiking trip or a photo session in beautiful locations? Wine and (or?) gastronomic tour? (By the way, we also have the prefab one.) City excursion? Extreme activities? We will offer you any route and develop any one- or multi-day tour program exactly according to your wishes.
Local specialties, original Crimean wines, a variety of gastronomic traditions of the Crimean nations. Just taste it!
A leisurely meditative hike, admiring the mountains, rocks, valleys, waterfalls, forest and wild flowers.
Active Tour
Off-road, kayaking, yachting, SUP-surfing, diving, snorkeling, paragliding, other extreme activities? Yes, whatever you want! And even a little more.
VIP Tour
A luxury vacation guru? For you: palaces, villas, helicopters, limousines, yachts, exclusive routes... Everything is possible... Well, almost everything.
Custom Tour
To order a custom tour, please, leave your details and contacts. We will contact you shortly.
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Unlimited Possibilities
Original tour for your friendly company, carefully customized according to all our experience and all your wishes, is a great opportunity to see in Crimea exactly what you want to, discovering unusual features of even well-known locations and attractions.
Good Price
The price of a personal tour for each participant, if there are several of them, is not higher or not much higher than the price of participation in a group tour. But the pleasure is much greater!
Precise organization of excursions and competent planning of the entire tour are guaranteed by our long-term tour operator experience, knowledge of the Crimea, love for our unique native land and the best guides accompanying you all over the route.
Together with you we can make any fundamentally possible changes to the route and program of your tour, both before the start and already during the trip. Everything depends on you!
Living and Working in Crimea. Familiar with and Keen on Crimea

About Us

Crimean tour operator Sunny Crimea has been organizing your good rest and travels in Crimea since 2004. Here we deal with all types of tourist activities and recreation. Making and running custom individual tours is one of our favorite jobs. Our team consists of tours and excursions designers, great local experts and tour instructors including ones speaking different languages who will carefully guide you along any route in Crimea letting you to discover our peninsula and get a chance to fall in love with our so unique and so various in its different corners land.
Head of the company, tour organizer
Higher education in Management Information Systems (Simferopol State University) and Master of Economic Cybernetics (Donetsk National University). Qualified as Tourism Organization Agent at the Crimean Excursion and Methodological Center. Experienced in Crimean tourism since 2002. Head of the tour agency Sunny Crimea Tours' Shop (presently the Crimean Tour Operator Sunny Crimea LLC) since 2004. Having 18 years of experience in being a university tutor, extensive experience in organizing tours, excursions and events. Awarded with Certificates of Honor by the Crimean Academy of Sciences (2010) and the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea (2019). Speaks good English.

Knows many tourist routes in Crimea, including those unknown to mass tourists. Interests: car travelling to interesting sights across Crimea and beyond, discovering new directions for trips and excursions, wine and gastronomic tourism.
Local guide, hiking instructor
Higher education: philologist. Since 1985 he has been professionally engaged in tourism and journalism. Tourism education: hiking instructor (1980), tour guide (1986, 2014). Got Grand Prix of the I and X Competitions of Professional Skills Crimean Pearl (2000, 2010), marked as Honorary Worker of Tourism of Ukraine (2002), has Gratitude of the President of Ukraine (2003), Сertificate of Honor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine (2006). Huge experience as a guide and hiking instructor since the days of the routes throughout the USSR. From 1995 till 2014 he was publishing the tourist newspaper Terra Tavrika, which was the most popular periodical among Crimean tourism professionals.

Preferring to work with enthusiastic people on non-trivial routes, he is familiar with the routes of traditional excursions as well. Simultaneously, he is conscious of storytelling in an unusual way and discovering new facts even about well-known places and persons. Perfectly knows the mountain-forest area as well.

Exclusive hobby: organizing flower-viewing holidays (cyclamens on Kubalach Mountain, peonies on Ak-Kaya Mountain, tulips on Opuk, etc.), waterfalls (Golovkinsky, Uskut, Kuchuk-Karasu, Arpat, Kozyrek, Merdven-Tobe, Suat-Khan).

Developing excursions branded Soul of the City around the cities of Simferopol, Sevastopol, Feodosia, Yalta. Having extensive experience in creating unusual routes all over Crimea.
Local guide
Education: higher with a degree in Russian Philology, training courses for guides. Vast experience in conducting excursions along a wide variety of routes throughout Crimea, encyclopedic knowledge of Crimean history, sociability, skills in working with different categories of tourists: from children's groups to the most demanding personal tourists. Awarded with an Honorary Diploma by the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea.
Local guide
Tour guide, local history expert with a wide outlook and vast experience. Higher education degree in Geography, special qualification of guide in Crimea. Leads a wide variety of excursions, both by car and walking. Favorite routes: Yalta, Sevastopol, Balaklava, Bakhchisarai, cave medieval towns of Crimea.
Local guide
A Crimean guide, doing her favorite job for more than 10 years. She was born and raised in Crimea, received a specialized education in the field of organizing excursions, knows a huge variety of excursion routes in all corners of the Crimean Peninsula, including the most complicated and extraordinary. She has massive experience in working with the most demanding clients in both group and personal tours.

Passionate traveler. Sincerely believes travelling to be that the best way of spending money.
Local guide, hiking instructor
Geographer, ethnographer, certified as the 1st category guide. One of the most famous guides in Crimea, officially recognized as a Master of Crimean Tourism.

Member of numerous archaeological, geographical and speleological expeditions across the Crimea.

Hiking instructor, organizer of tourism events, judge of the USSR tourism competitions.

Teacher of geography at school, of tourism and local history clubs for children, tutor of tourism courses at high school.

The author of many excursion routes in Crimea.

Awarded by Honorary Badge of Merit for Development of Sports Tourism in Crimea, a Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea (2020).

Conducts excursions throughout the Crimea.
Local guide
An experienced and competent guide having a qualification of the 1st category Crimea guide, who knows most of the excursion routes in Crimea and is capable of approaching to all kinds o  tourists. In past — the Chairman of the public organization Crimean Association of Guides-Interpreters and Guides.
Local guide, hiking instructor
Hiking instructor, travel guide with many years of experience and knowledge of most of the non-trivial Crimean routes. Vice-President of the Federation of Sports Tourism of Crimea, Honored Traveler of Russia. He has been a participant of many orienteering games, a judge of numerous tourist competitions. He is fond of rock climbing, alpine skiing, photography.
Excursions Booking and Paying Procedure

How to Book a Tour in Crimea

Choose a tour or coordinate the custom route and tour outline with the manager, set the date of your travel.
Get from us a written confirmation of your tour booking.
We send documents by e-mail or in any messenger (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram).
Make a prepayment of 30% of the tour cost.
Payment methods: bank transfer, payment card, electronic money, banking services, cash (in the office). See All Payment Methods and Online Payment. If a tour is canceled less than 24 hours before its start, we have the right to withhold the compensation of actual costs incurred for the organization of your tour from the prepaid expense (for group tours and multi-day tours, including accommodation for tourists, the cancellation period without penalties may be longer — the exact period is indicated when confirming the booking).
Make the final payment on the day of the tour.
Cash or credit card. If you wish, you can make full payment for the tour in advance in any way we support. Accounting documents (original contract, invoices, certificate of completion) are provided at your request (sent by mail or transferred with a guide).
Enjoy the tour.

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Before ordering a call, we advise you to read the answers to frequently asked questions. Just want to talk? We're always happy to.
Answering Aloud

Frequantly Asked Questions

Where and when does the tour start and end?
The beginning and the end of the tour — in any place convenient for you, at any convenient time. We will pick you up from your hotel, home or any agreed place and return you to the right place after the end of the program The usual tour duration is approximately 10 hours from 09:00 to 19:00. But, again, if you wish to start the tour earlier or later, or take a shorter route, please contact our manager to discuss the customized program that suits you.
What is the tour duration?
Typical one-day programs are designed for about 10 hours, walking tours — for 6—10 hours. At your request, we can offer a program of any length for one-day excursion, as well as programs for multi-day tours.
Are you able to arrange multi-day tours?
Definitely! For any number of days according to any program. Personal or group tour. Moreover, as a Crimean tour operator, we specialize in conducting multi-day tours, which programs and costs include the whole range of services and activities: hotel accommodation, meals chosen by the customer (only breakfasts, half or full board), transportation and excursions, as well as, at the request of the customer, visiting public or private events, entertainments and business activities. To order a multi-day tour according to custom program developed especially for you, please, contact our expert. Again, we draw your attention to the fact that we have a huge amount of regular prefabricated tours in Crimea and from Crimea, to which groups of participants we can join from 1 tourist, as well as plenty of carefully predesigned original tour programs, on which basis we can make any program that fully meets all the customer's desires.
How much does the tour cost and what does its price include?
The cost of a normal one-day tour in our transport is: per car (up to 4 passengers) — 12 900 ₽, per minivan (up to 6 passengers) — 14 900 ₽, per SUV for an off-road tour (up to 4 passengers) — 16 900 ₽. The price includes: guide's excursion, all transfers along the entire route, drinking water and tea. A car can be equipped with chargers, an umbrella, raincoats. You can also take a tour by your car and pay just for personal program and guide services — 5 000 ₽ a day (up to 10 hours of guide's work). The cost of an original walking tour (hiking and/or city tour) is 6 000 ₽ (guide's support for 6—10 hours; transfer to the excursion starting point and/or from the route finishing point is for an extra fee). Please note that in case of long transfers and crossings leading to the tour's duration increase, particularly if you should be picked up or delivered back at the end of the tour very far from Simferopol or place of your accommodation, or if the tour's outline gets much more complicated the cost of a personal tour may get higher: checkup the right cost in tour description or discuss with the manager.

The cost of group tours (any amount of participants in minibuses and buses of any capacity) can also be asked from the manager.

We can hold excursions in different languages: please, check the possibility of holding on your date and final cost.

The cost of multi-day tour is calculated individually after the program has been agreed with the customer (depending on the tour's outline, services and activities included in it) or is listed on the page of the prefab or typical group tour.
What are the additional fees and how much?
Usually tourists pay additionally for tickets to museums and other excursion sights requiring entrance fees (prices are pointed in tour descriptions or mentioned by the manager), meals (the guide will offer, at your request, optimal optional meals, considering the peculiarities of the tour and tourists), sometimes, again optionally, — other activities such as a boat trip or, for instance, horseback riding, if they can be provided during the tour. For custom-made tours we can include in the tour price whatever the customer wants in advance.
Where and what will we eat during the tour?
Since the personal tour is personally adopted to your wishes it's totally up to you. If you wish, our guide will offer you options for restaurants, cafes, bistros, ethno-cafes, etc., where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal, a quick snack or, for example, just drink coffee. If desired, local food will become a particular part of the tour outline (gastronomic part). We understand that tastes differ and will try to offer you what you exactly need. Someone may consider Michelin's 3-Stars to be tasty and inexpensive. If you may, then, firstly, congratulations, and secondly, this is what we will offer you. Well, as soon as such facilities are established in the Crimea, of course.
Is it possible to order a tour and pay for it on behalf of a company (legal entity)?
Sure! Order, pay by bank transfer and receive all the necessary accounting documents.
What guarantees for running the tour can you provide after we've made an advance payment?
We are the Crimean tour operator named Sunny Crimea. Our sphere of interests is recreation and all types of tourist services in Crimea. We have been working here since 2004 (as an independent company, while some of our employees have much longer experience in Crimean tourism). We have always been working strictly within the framework of the current legislation. When confirming a tour booking, we conclude the contract with you (with most clients — remotely, that of course is also legal and correct), which describes the tourist product being sold, our obligations, conditions for its provision, payment, and refusal by the consumer. After we have received the payment from any person, we, as required by the current rules, give you (or send by electronic channels) a fiscal receipt. Our company is listed in The Register of Tour Operators. It is really difficult to provide more guarantees. In turn, in most cases we will not be able to perform the tour without your prepayment, since we reserve scarce resources for its performing, refusing other clients, and, in many cases, bear advance expenses.
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