Mysterious Cimmeria

About Tour:
The ancient Greeks named Cimmeria the Northern areas of the Oycumene, in particular, the Northern Black Sea region and the Azov region (Homer’s Cimmeria) — the lands they hardly could imagine. Today the name “Cimmeria” in Crimea means, primarily, an artistic presentation of the Crimea of ​​the legendary era, composed and glorified by the famous artist Maximilian Voloshin: “I name Cimmeria the Eastern region of Crimea from ancient Surozh (Sudak) to the Cimmerian Bosphorus (Kerch Strait), in contrast to Taurida, its Western part of the Southern coast and Tauric Chersonesos”. Here, in Koktebel, Feodosia, Staryi Krym (“Old Crimea”) in the late 19th — early 20th centuries, famous artists, writers and poets were living and working — Voloshin himself, Grin, Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Aivazovsky, Bogaevsky and others. Black Sea, the surrounding steppes, hills and mountain pikes served as a source of their inspiration, romanticism and imagination.

Timing: from 09:00 to 19:00, other time agreed with the customer.

Tour outline (to be agreed):
  • Staryi Krym (“Old Crimea”, Eski Kyrym, Solkhat) — the capital of the Crimean Yurt of the Golden Horde (Surb-Khach Armenian Monastery, Alexander Grin’s Museum).
  • Zolotaya Balka (“Golden Ravine”) Antelope Park Safari Ranch (contact with wild animals, tandoor dishes, own roasted coffee)
  • Klementyev Mount (Uzun-Syrt Plateau) — the cradle of Russian and Soviet hang-gliding and aviation (a beautiful panoramic view, optional — hang-gliding flights).
  • Koktebel (optional — boat trip along the Kara-Dag Mountain Range, Maximilian Voloshin’s Museum).
  • Kurortnoye (southwestern foot of the Kara-Dag Mountain).
Tour sights on the map

Price includes:
  1. Guide service (up to 10 hours).
  2. Transportation service (when booking tour on our transport).
  3. Water, tea (when booking trip in our car or minivan).
Always in car (pessenger car, minivan): water, phone chargers, umbrella, raincoats.

Additional expenses (optional):
  • Alexander Grin’s House-Museum (Staryi Krym): adult — 300 ₽, students and pensioners — 250 ₽, child under 16 —100 ₽.
  • Zolotaya Balka Antelope Park Safari Ranch: adult — 900 ₽, child from 3 to 10 — 500 ₽.
  • Motor hang-glider flight on Klementyev Mount — from 4 000 ₽ per person.
  • Boat trip along Kara-Dag: adult — from 1 200 ₽, school-age child — 600 ₽.
  • Maximilian Voloshin’s House-Museum: adults — 400 ₽, children under 16 — 100 ₽, students and pensioners — 350 ₽.
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