Evpatoria — Small Jerusalem

About tour:
Road excursion during the trip from your place of stay to Evpatoria. In Evpatoria: walking tour along the winding streets of medieval Gezlev (Kezlev) on the Small Jerusalem route, dedicated to the centuries-old diversity of cultures and religions of the peoples who have been living in the territory of the ancient city.

Optional: visit to the Odun-Bazaar Qapusy Museum (“Kezlev's Gate”) on the third floor of the restored fortress gate, excursion to the Karaite Kenases — the temple complex and the spiritual center of the Crimean Karaites, visit the Yegie Kapai Synagogue, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Juma Jami Cathedral Mosque, Tekie of Dervishes (medieval abode of wandering Muslim monks), participation in the coffee ceremony in the Kezlev Qavesi Coffee House, lunch in restaurants (cafes) offering authentic Crimean Tatar, Jewish, Karaite cuisine or (where can we go without it!) high quality and inexpensive fast food. Further, at your request, we can make a sightseeing car tour of the resort of Evpatoria, go to one of the sandy beaches in the city or nearby, or visit the excavations in the Kara-Tobe Archaeological Museum.

You can also take great photos on the Sasyk-Sivash Lake, where the salt field is located, on which the Crimean sea salt is mined, known for its pinkish color and delicate violet scent. In spring and summer, the lake water is often colored bright pink, sometimes lilac or intense red as a result of the production of β-carotene by unicellular seaweed that lives in the salt water of the lake. With some luck we will see unrealistic colors and cosmic views without any color filters!

Of course, the possibility of a number of the events and activities listed above strongly depends on the season and weather, but in any case, an interesting program, good mood and original photos are guaranteed!

Timing: from 09:00 to 19:00, other time agreed with the customer.

Tour outline (visiting some attractions of your choice):

  • Trip from the place of your stay to Evpatoria.
  • Little Jerusalem walking route.
  • Sightseeing tour of Evpatoria.
  • Kara-Tobe Museum and Site of Experimental Archeology.
  • Sasyk-Sivash Lake.
Tour sights on the map

Price includes:
  1. Guide service (up to 10 hours).
  2. Transportation service (when booking tour on our transport).
  3. Water, tea (when booking trip in our car or minivan).
Always in car (pessenger car, minivan): water, phone chargers, umbrella, raincoats.

Additional expenses (optional):
Lunch (from 250 ₽ per person).
Entry tickets:
  • Odun Bazaar Kapusy Museum: adult — 150 ₽; child — 100 ₽.
  • Karaite Kenases: adult — 250 ₽; child — 150 ₽.
  • Tekie of Dervishes: adult — 200 ₽; child — 150 ₽.
  • Kara-Tobe Museum: adult — 200 ₽; child from 7 to 12 — 100 ₽.
Coffee ceremony: from 500 ₽ per person.
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