Land of Cave Towns and Bakhchisaray

About tour:
During the tour, we will drive along the road connecting Bakhchisaray and the Southern Coast of Crimea (through Ai-Petri or the villages of Tankovoye and Chernorechye — depending on weather conditions, your location, desire and, therefore, the route we agreed upon). Along this route, passing through a very picturesque mountainous forest area, on the flat tops of the cliffs, there are partially preserved remains of fortresses and cave towns of the medieval principality of Feodoro (Gothia).

The rise to each cave town from the road is a walk of about an hour maximum. Some of the former towns are now museum objects (entrance fee is charged), while some (Kachi-Kalion, Tepe-Kermen) are still freely accessible. At your request, for an additional fee, it is possible to climb to the cave towns by prepared off-road vehicles (usually UAZs).

In addition, we will drive and walk along the ancient winding streets of Bakhchisaray (bağça/bagcha — garden, saray — palace) — the capital of the Crimean Khanate, make an easy climb to the best viewing points, see the Bakhchisaray Sphinxes and a medieval well, visit, if you want, the only monument of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture in the world — the Bakhchisaray Khan Palace, in one of the courtyards of which there is the famous Fountain of Tears, sung by Pushkin in the poem “The Fountain of Bakhchisaray”. And, of course, we will have time to have a delicious lunch in one of the many ethno-cafes in Bakhchisaray.

Wonderful views, wonderful locations for photos and an exciting story about the history of medieval Crimea are waiting for you.

Timing: from 09:00 to 19:00, other time agreed with the customer.

Tour outline (the tour will take place in some of the attractions, visiting 1—3 sights of your choice):

  • Bakhchisaray.
  • Chufut-Kale.
  • Kachi-Kalion.
  • Тепе-Кермен.
  • Mangup-Kale.
  • Eski-Kermen.
  • Tankovoye — Sokolinoye — Ai-Petri plateau or Tankovoye — Krasnyi Mak — Chernorechye.
Tour sights on the map

Price includes:
  1. Guide service (up to 10 hours).
  2. Transportation service (when booking tour on our transport).
  3. Water, tea (when booking trip in our car or minivan).
Always in car (pessenger car, minivan): water, phone chargers, umbrella, raincoats.

Additional expenses (optional):
Lunch (from 250 ₽ per person).
Entry tickets:
  • Bakhchisaray Khan Palace: adult — 300 ₽; students — 150 ₽; schoolchildren — 50 ₽.
  • Chufut-Kale. Entrance ticket / entrance ticket with guided tour: adult — 200 ₽ / 400 ₽; pensioners — 150 ₽ / 350 ₽; children from 16 to 18, students — 100 ₽ / 300 ₽, children under 16 — free.
  • Mangup-Kale, Eski-Cermen. Entrance ticket / entrance ticket with guided tour: adult — 100 ₽ / 200 ₽; children from 16 to 18, students and pensioners — 50 ₽ / 150 ₽.
Off-road trip: from 3 500 ₽ per car (up to 6 passengers).
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