Palaces and Estates of the South Coast of Crimea

About tour:
Palaces and landscape parks of the Southern Coast of Crimea are those “grand” and “ceremonial” symbols that are first mentioned when talking about Crimea. During the tour you will get acquainted with some of the palaces in detail (we will have time to visit 2—3 palaces of your choice), some of them will be seen from the outside. You will take walks in evergreen parks — monuments of world landscape architecture, filled with tropical greenery, unique planning solutions and wonderful views, giving you the opportunity to replenish your gallery with wonderful photos and unforgettable impressions.

During the excursion, our guide will tell you about why and how Crimea became a popular resort for the elite of the Russian Empire, how the development of the Southern Coast of the peninsula proceeded: palaces and estates were built, roads were laid, parks were created and developed, and the best European architects and engineers were involved. And also about the place taken by Crimea in the life of the families of emperors and the most famous noble aristocratic families of the empire.

Timing: from 09:00 to 19:00, other time agreed with the customer.

Tour outline (excursions to 2—3 palaces of your choice):

  • Livadia Palace of Nicholas II (Great White Palace).
  • Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.
  • Yusupov Palace (Miskhor, Koreiz).
  • Dyulber Palace (Koreiz).
  • Palace of Alexander III in Massandra.
  • Charax Estate (Gaspra, Miskhor).
Tour sights on the map

Price includes:
  1. Guide service (up to 10 hours).
  2. Transportation service (when booking tour on our transport).
  3. Water, tea (when booking trip in our car or minivan).
Always in car (pessenger car, minivan): water, phone chargers, umbrella, raincoats.

Additional expenses (optional):
Lunch (from 250 ₽ per person).
Entry tickets:
  • Livadia Palace: adult — 450 ₽; child under 16 — 100 ₽; students, pensioners — 300 ₽.
  • Vorontsov Palace (ceremonial halls): adult — 450 ₽; children from 7 to 16 — 70 ₽; children from16 to 18, students, pensioners — 250 ₽.
  • Yusupov Palace: adult — 600 ₽; children (students) — 300 ₽.
  • Massandra Palace: adult — 450 ₽; children from 7 to 16 — 70 ₽; children from16 to 18, students, pensioners — 250 ₽.
  • Dulber Palace (visit to the park): adult — 250 ₽; child from 4 to 14 — 150 ₽.
  • Charax Estate (visit to the park): adult — 250 ₽; children from 6 to 18 and students — 100 ₽.
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