Plateau and Caves of Chatyr-Dag

About tour:
Part of the trip will take place along the southern slopes of Chatyr-Dag Mountain. We will look at the spring named “Stalin's Pear”. During the flowering season we will visit lavender fields — real “Crimean Provence”. Further, through a beautiful beech forest, we will get to the tourist camp of Kutuzov Lake, where we will admire a grove of relict giant sequoias (mammoth trees). Then we will go to the viewing point on the plateau, from which a magnificent panoramic view of the Alushta Valley and surrounding mountain ranges will open.

And finally, in our program there will be one of the following options for visiting the caves:
  1. Equipped caves: Mramornaya (“Marble”), discovered in 1987, and Emine-Bair-Khosar (Mammoth Cave), discovered in 1927. The Marble Cave is one of the most visited caves in Europe, and, according to many speleologists, is one of the five most beautiful equipped caves in the world.
  2. Unequipped (wild) caves: Tysyachegolovaya (“Thousand-Headed”) and Kholodnaya (“Cold”). The Thousand-Headed Cave was a sacrificial site for the Taurians and other tribes who inhabited these places in ancient times. According to legend, thousands of skulls of erstwhile sacrificed animals and people were found here. The second trip to the Kingdom of Hades you will take to the Cold Cave, named for its the same 7°C temperature both in winter and in summer.
  3. The vertical Gugerjin Cave (“Pigeon Well”) which is 22 meters deep. The cave can be traversed when using climbing equipment. We will go down into the cave and observe several beautiful halls.
Timing: from 09:00 to 19:00, other time agreed with the customer.

Tour outline (some of the listed sights to choose from):
  • Chatyr-Dag Mountain slopes and plateau.
  • Lavender fields (seasonal).
  • Sequoia grove.
  • Viewing points.
  • Visiting equipped or not equipped caves of Chatyr-Dag.
Price includes:
  1. Driver and guide service (up to 10 hours).
  2. Transportation service (comfortable SUV, prepared for rough terrain).
Additional expenses (optional):
Lunch (from 250 ₽ per person).
Visiting the caves:
  • Mramornaya (“Marble”) Cave (entrance tickets): from 500 ₽, all routes — 900 ₽.
  • Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave (Mammoth Cave) + underground paleontological museum (entrance tickets): from 500 ₽, all routes — 900 ₽.
  • Thousand-Headed and Cold Caves — 2 000 ₽ (up to 4 persons).
  • Gugerjin Cave — 3 000 ₽ (up to 3 persons).
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