Treasures of Demerdzhi and Khapkhal Gorge

About tour:
Bizarre stone formations on Demerdzhi Mountain near Alushta are one of the most “cinematic” Crimean landscapes. During our trip, you will see the locations of filming famous Soviet movies “Caucasus Prisoner Girl”, “Sportloto-82”, “Hearts of Three” and even feel the atmosphere of filming “Caucasus Prisoner Girl”: climb the “Nikulin’s” nutwood, dance on the stone as Nina, performed by Natalia Varley, pass through the “Broken Heart” stone, from which Shurik, performed by Alexander Demyanenko, rolled in a sleeping bag into a mountain river (the river itself was filmed in the Caucasus). Then you will admire one of the best views of the Alushta amphitheater — from the Funa Fortress, which was an outpost of the medieval Orthodox Principality of Theodoro (Gothia), protecting the pass on the trade route from the coast to the mountainous and steppe regions of Crimea. Continuing the excursion, we will walk along the famous Valley of Ghosts, which incredible stone creations were created by nature itself under the influence of precipitation, sun, wind and even earthquakes. The bizarre figures growing out of the ground look like whatever: mushrooms, fingers, silhouettes. There are more than a hundred similar stone “ghosts” in the valley. If you have strength, time and desire, you can get to the very top of Demerdzhi to look again from the very height at Alushta, the sea and the surrounding mountains.

Next we can:

Continue our amazing journey to the upper reaches of the Khapkhal gorge ("Gorge of Eagles"), where the Ulu-Uzen river originates, on which the most beautiful and deep-flowing waterfall of Crimea, Dzhur-Dzhur, is located. The gorge is home to many inhabitants of the mountainous Crimea, eagles and vultures nest here. The vertical cliffs are breathtaking, and the reserved forest pleases with its pristine beauty. We will climb to the top of the Northern Demerdzhi mountain (1356 meters high) and drive through the MAN pass under the Pakhkal-Kaya mountain.

Or go straight to the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall. The waterfall never dries up, is always full-flowing and delights travelers with streamy freshness. The way to the waterfall runs through Alushta-Sudak road, along the Demerdzhi Armada, to the village of General’skoe. From here, it’s just a stone's throw to the waterfall — on the mountain “roads”, through the beech and oak forest. The walking part of the route along the equipped trail in the shade of the beech forest takes about 15—20 minutes. Above the waterfall there are picturesque cascades of baths and rapids with clear transparent water. If we have time and energy on the way back, we can briefly stop by the rocky shore in the village of Malorechenskoye to take a couple of photos on the Cheese Rock — the most curious result of the weathering of limestone rocks, very much resembling cheese with holes in color and texture.

Timing: from 09:00 to 19:00, other time agreed with the customer.

Tour outline (some of the listed sights to choose from):
  • South Demerdzhi.
  • Famous Soviet movies filming locations.
  • Funa fortress.
  • Valley of Ghosts.
  • According to your choice: the upper reaches of the Khapkhal gorge, the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall.
  • Cheese rock in Malorechenskoye.
Price includes:
  1. Driver and guide service (up to 10 hours).
  2. Transportation service (comfortable SUV, prepared for rough terrain).
Additional expenses (optional):
Lunch (from 250 ₽ per person).
Entry tickets:
  • Historical and Archaeological Museum of the Funa Fortress — 200 ₽.
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