Gorgeous Chatyr-Dag

About tour:
The Chatyr-Dag Mountain provides the traveler with an amazing opportunity to climb one and a half kilometer height of one of the best observation points of the Crimean Peninsula, to see Crimea in the palm of your hand, and then to go underground, visiting the most beautiful caves called Mramornaya (“Marble”) and Emine-Bair-Khosar, which have preserved all their beauty of the underworld and are fully equipped for visiting by untrained excursionists.

Several routes have been set up to Chatyr-Dag. The simplest one: a gentle rise from the Angara Pass through a beech forest to a sequoia grove, which is unique for Crimea. Here is an exit to the viewing site, from where a view of the entire Alushta amphitheater with mountains, sea, white houses, etc. opens.

More difficult route: first, a rise from the Angara Pass to the Yew Gorge — a picturesque canyon where the berry yew grows which is the evergreen patriarch of the Crimean forests. Then, an exit to the Lower Plateau and a rise to Angar-Burun — one of the peaks of Chatyr-Dag.

Price includes:
Guide service (6—10 hours) for the whole group.

Additional expenses (optional):
  • Transportation service: transfer to the starting point of the excursion and / or from the final destination of the route — the cost depends on the transfer route.
  • Mramornaya (“Marble”) Cave: from 500 ₽, all routes — 700 ₽.
  • Emine-Bair-Khosar Cave + underground paleontological museum: from 500 ₽, all routes — 700 ₽.
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